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Additives & Primers

additives and primers

The key to success when installing Adhesive products, is to achieve a good bond between the substrate, waterproofing membranes and tile adhesives. All manufacturers produce a range of primers for internal and external use.

Additive improves the strength of all powder adhesives, unnecessary in polymer fortified Tile Adhesives.

Old Stonemason ramblings:  All surfaces must be free of oil, paint, dirt/grime and dust.  Rain damaged slabs are to be ground to remove the laitance. A simple test is to pour a small amount of water on your floor.  If it doesn't absorbed, DON'T TILE.  Applying a primer, and using the same manufacturers adhesives, will give you a warranty.

It is a well-known fact that primers, apart from preparing the substrate for the adhesive, enhances better adhesion, better workability, easier notching, slightly more coverage and longer dry time.

GP General Purpose Primer - 5 Litres

Gripset GP is a unique multipurpose 2 in 1 primer and bonding agent. It is used ...

Price$ 48.50
GST incl$ 4.41

OP Non-Porous Surface Primer

Gripset OP is a solvent free primer specifically developed with adhesion ...

Price$ 18.50
GST incl$ 1.68
Sizes Available

Master FS Additive - 5 Litres

Tradies Choice Master FS additive Liquid Accelerator can be mixed with cement ...

Price$ 37.00
GST incl$ 3.36

Glass Mosaic

Designed to be used in conjunction with Davco Sanitized® Colorgrout or Davco ...

Price$ 37.50
GST incl$ 3.41

Universal Primer

Universal Primer is a rapid drying solvent free low VOC water based acrylic ...

Price$ 62.85
GST incl$ 5.71
Sizes Available


Primebond is a primer and grout additive for porous masonry surfaces.

Price$ 25.25
GST incl$ 2.30
Sizes Available

Mosaicbond - 5 Litres

A premium grade, internal and external, floor and wall adhesive with ...

Price$ 38.40
GST incl$ 3.49

Master Additive

Tradies Choice Master additive is a concentrated white acrylic liquid to be ...

Price$ 32.00
GST incl$ 2.91
Sizes Available

Quick Set - 5 Litres

Quick Set Additive is a calcium chloride based liquid additive designed to make ...

Price$ 37.00
GST incl$ 3.36


Uniprime is a cost effective porous primer for use prior to installing tile ...

Price$ 31.25
GST incl$ 2.84
Sizes Available

Super Prime - 5 Litres

A water-based, acrylic primer with solvent like penetration properties for use ...

Price$ 33.35
GST incl$ 3.03

Uniflex Additive

Uniflex Additive is a premium formulated admixture used in place of, or mixed ...

Price$ 32.40
GST incl$ 2.95
Sizes Available


Kemcrete is an acrylic liquid based admixture and primer for structurally sound ...

Price$ 13.65
GST incl$ 1.24
Sizes Available


Elastacrete replaces water to make an adhesive that has flexibility, strength, ...

Price$ 28.30
GST incl$ 2.57
Sizes Available


Efflock is a high performance additive to mix at the time of batching for all ...

Price$ 99.95
GST incl$ 9.09
Sizes Available

Master Prime

The surface must be clean, dry firm and free of dust oil, grease, wax and ...

Price$ 20.50
GST incl$ 1.86
Sizes Available

Moisture Barrier/Epoxy Primer

Tradies Choice Moisture Barrier is a two part water based epoxy compound which ...

Price$ 246.00
GST incl$ 22.36

Concrete Hardener - 20 Litre

A clear flurosilicate solution that case hardens poorly cured cement masonry ...

Price$ 160.00
GST incl$ 14.55

4 in 1 Grout Additive

Concentrated grout additive designed to increase the flexibility, strength and ...

Price$ 28.75
GST incl$ 2.61

WB Primer - 4 Litres

WB PRIMER is a water based, concrete compatible, polymer emulsion which ...

Price$ 28.00
GST incl$ 2.55

Primeseal MC - 4 Litres

Primeseal is more than a primer and more than a sealer. In fact it is the ...

Price$ 55.60
GST incl$ 5.05